Like most preschools, Wroughton Preschool is a Registered Charity, and it is a legal requirement that we have a committee in place – made up predominantly of parents of children currently attending the Preschool.

The committee operates under the leadership of the Chairperson, and includes a Treasurer and Secretary.  The committee meets every 4-6 weeks and is responsible for the management of the Preschool.  This includes making decisions about sessions, staffing, fundraising, finance, communication and advertising.  Obviously, the more people to share out the responsibilities the more manageable, and often the better, things become.  And it is also more fun!  No experience is necessary – just an enthusiasm for our children’s preschool experience and a commitment to its future.

To contact the Chair of the committee, please email

Our current committee:
Helen Algar
Leah Eatwell – Chair
Hayley Todd-Secretary
Aaron Leighfield – Treasurer
Sharon Miles