Join the committee

Towel Fairies  

At the end of each week the children’s hand towels need to be washed in time for Monday.  Please add your name to the rota on the preschool noticeboard.


Helping out occasionally during a session supports staff and allows them to do essential tasks including paperwork, preparation of resources and clearing up each day. Please speak to a member of staff if you are able to help.

Clean Toys  

All toys are cleaned thoroughly by staff and parent volunteers at the end of each year – but some may need cleaning at other times.  Look out for signs outside the session – especially at the end of the year.

Event Preparation  

A significant amount of our income comes from a number of events throughout the year and all of them require preparation!  From the wrapping of lucky dip presents and making of cakes through to sticking up posters and manning a stall, there are lots of ways you can contribute to their success.  More information coming soon!



We have a limited budget for this, so donations of crackers, biscuits, cheese or fresh or dried fruit are really appreciated.


Leading up to our main fundraising events we ask for donations of sweets / wine / children’s toys and books / unwanted gifts etc to raise funds.  Also look out for signs for special requests, like glue sticks or wet wipes!

Take part

The Annual General Meeting (AGM – link to the page please) is a great opportunity to learn more about the running of our preschool and meet the people who are responsible for it.  Please do everything you can to be there.  Look out for the date of next year’s AGM.

Attend Events  

These are held throughout the year and are a chance to raise money, increase people’s awareness of what we offer and to celebrate our preschool community.

Buy Raffle Tickets  

These are a great way of raising money – especially if you can sell them to wider family and friends!